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You’ve made the decision to have a Sunroom installed in your home, now comes the fun part of choosing the design, style and the contractor that will complete your Sunroom Installation. What will make your Sunroom so unique, will the style of your choice? There is much that goes into choosing a unique Sunroom Design and having a contractor that matches your vision is the key to success. Will you be happy to email me a ‘budgetary cost for your project’ to get you started? Remember…doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing it without others!

A lot of people who live in mild or cold climates, do not enjoy having artificial sunlight in their patio or sunrooms. Having a glass roof, and using your imagination to build a unique looking sunroom installation can add beauty to your patio and provide you with all the natural light you would want. Building a deck or sunroom with wood frame, with a patio with an open roof, with the choice of materials, one can really have a lot of fun with the design and making it reflect your personality.

One of the things you will want to do is decide if you are going to install a brand new sunroom that is made from wood, vinyl or metal. Having a new sunroom installation is nice, but a brand new one may cost you several thousand more then a sunroom that has been built in a couple of years. If you are on a budget and just want to add an extra living space, installing a sunroom with a glass door and adding solarium covers will give you the most benefit for the amount of money spent. The benefits of a new sunroom or a recessed-glass solarium over a traditional patio that just has a cover over the windows are many.

When comparing the cost of building a sunroom with a traditional patio you will find that installing a sunroom with a sliding glass door and adding solariums will actually cost less than installing one that is made of concrete. Another thing that the cost of building a sunroom with a sliding glass door and solariums is less than the cost of building a traditional patio that uses cement and concrete slabs. Installing a sunroom with a glass door and a sliding glass door that also have a glass panel attached to it can be as expensive as building a traditional patio. This also goes for per square foot, square footage and total square footage. These types of sunroom installation cost about one-fourth as much as a cement and concrete sunroom, so if you are on a budget, this may be a better option for you, especially if you are just installing a sunroof in your backyard.

In addition to the cost of materials, another factor of sunroom installation that you will want to take into consideration is the look of the inside and outside of the glass enclosure. For those who don’t know, a glass door and window give the room the appearance that it is part of the outdoors, which of course is what it is. For those who are considering it, a sliding glass door and sliding glass windows are a great way to get a sun room all set up for less money. It gives the look of being part of the outdoors while at the same time giving you the ability to have privacy and enjoy the view of your yard or garden. One other benefit of having a glass door and window for a sunroom installation is that if you decide you want to move it, you won’t need to replace the windows or door because they can withstand winds up to 140 miles per hour, making them a very dependable construction.

If you are interested in using vinyl for the walls and wood for the trim, you will find that vinyl sunroom additions are easier to clean than the wood and they do not get stained with rain water. They do require more maintenance though and will need to be painted every three years or so. On the other hand, wood sunrooms do require very little maintenance and they are stain resistant, but they do not give you the privacy that the vinyl does. Wood sunrooms can be finished with a variety of different finishes and they do have the advantage of being more energy efficient as well.

One thing that many people don’t think about during a sunroom installation is the type of insulation that will be used in the walls and roof. While there are several different types of insulation that you can use for your new addition, cost factors should be considered before deciding on one type of insulation or another. R-values, which are the industry standard for measuring insulating materials, range from R-3 to R-6. The lower the R-value, the better the quality of the insulation you will get and the less you will have to pay when it comes time for the sunroom addition to pay for itself.

When it comes to insulating materials, it is not always best to choose low-R-value insulation. In fact, in some cases, it is better to choose higher R-values, especially if the goal of the installation is to create a more energy efficient addition. You can help to make the decision by asking to see samples of R-values along with information about their ability to withstand the summertime in your area. This information can also help to guide you through the entire installation process and help to ensure that you have chosen the best Living Walls for Better Living Sunrooms.

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